Chapter 02 - Self Love 101: Guide Your Heart Home with Gemstone

'You need to love yourself first', they said.
The model answer that I got from everywhere I tried to seek a closure during my heartbreak days.It is like people telling you to 'drink more water' when you are unwell. — I knew it was the way. But my heart was hurting and I had no idea what to do; except for crafting jewellery with gemstones. 
I was very drawn to the uniqueness of each stone: The light reflection, the colour depth and the meaning it carried. To me they were also like the North star in the constellation, guiding my frightened heart home in the middle of cloudy nights. 
It hits me to revisit the past when I was yet to figure out how to love myself. 
I swiftly take out my sketchbook and allow the feelings to lead my hand before it overwhelms me. As the flashbacks travel through my mind to the pen stroke; It flourishes into jewelries of colour inspired by four stages to self love:

Stage 1. Create a safe place that our heart can feel at home

On the way to self love, it is almost inevitable to meet negative energy that causes us unease or holds us back. During these times, colour gemstone can promote positivity and allow our heart to focus on what truly matters.
Self Love Necklace Gemstone Guide
  1. Blue Topaz encourages honesty to gain clarity of feeling through confusion 
  2. Citrine restores strength to forgive past mistakes with compassion
  3. Amethyst stabilises mood swing and set one free from stress
  4. Red Topaz protects our peace from the external negative energy 

Stage 2. Nurture our heart by honouring beautiful love stories

Every encounter in life is unique and precious. Some come into our life to teach us a lesson, while some are meant to stay for a lifetime. We cannot predict how long each relationship would last. Instead we can choose to honour the love that once happens and accept the blessing with a smile. :)
Love Story Necklace Gemstone Guide
    1. Red Topaz with Moonstone and Amethyst strengthen relationships when things get too intense
    2. Blue Topaz with Moonstone and Citrine heal resentments and misbelief from past heartbreaks

Stage 3. Give your heart space to grow self love in solitude

Self love is now in the fermentation process like grapes sitting in wine barrels. Good wine takes time and patience to break down fruits to release aroma, so does quality self love. With the help of moonstone, our heart will feel more at peace in solitude if the fear from past wounds arise. 
Me Time  Necklace Gemstone Guide
  1. Moonstone invites balance and healing through motherly protection
*Me Time Necklace is available in Gold & Silver

Stage 4. Live an adventurous life supported by self love

Life becomes magical once we reach this stage. Try to imagine waking up with a heart soak up in self love. It simply sets our mood right to prepare for whatever is going to happen throughout the day. Even if it turns out not a perfect day, seeing life as an adventure keeps us thriving for a better tomorrow. 
New Day Necklace Gemstone Guide
  1. Moonstone enhances intuition yet acts as mirror to help us reflect in our creativity
  2. Aquamarine brings the blessings from the sea to inspire fortune and heartfelt communication
  3. Labradorite strengthens faith and trust on the path of finding our destiny

Moon girls. No two self-love journeys are the same. Yet most begin by knowing that we deserve better. And deciding to love ourselves now despite we are yet to find out how.
May our new self love collection inspire you to start and keep trying to love yourself. (Even putting on jewellery everyday also counts!) 
I promise, your heart will eventually come home as it will. 
Before then, have faith, stay courageous and love yourself first.

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