Chapter 1 - Moon Girl

Hello sweeties !
This is our first blog post ❤️ We are so excited to introduce you a fantastic array of our new pieces + picks of the month !

It’s spring time , it’s also your time to sparkle and shine ! Add some new styles of bling bling to your spring wardrobe !
'Selene' is inspired by the Greek goddess of the moon. 'Stellar' is a versatile necklace that you can style it in 3 ways . 
'Lost Stars' reminds you that you will  find the right direction in your life and shine brightly.  Put on 'Starlight' and the galaxy will come to your heart.


Make a statement , stack up necklaces to tell them your are the moon girl !

'Helios' & 'Sirius'

 'Helios' is the Greek god of sun. 'Sirius' is the brightest star in the dark heaven.


'Love you to the Moon & Back' This romantic piece is designed to remind yourself to follow your heart
'Fly me to the Moon' - My fav Song!
When I was developing zodiac sign inspired jewelry, I wanted to do something abstract and poetic instead of putting the  zodiac symbol on the pendant. I will write a blog to share about how i design the  zodiac sign inspired jewelry soon.
'Taurus' Necklace & Earrings
'Taurus' is one of my favourite earrings !
The stars on each side of the earrings are different and unique,  just like you :)
Accented with a hint of romance essence, featuring simple crescent pendants and shimmering stars. 

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