Sacred Space 03. Gratitude

Never forget about gratitude when dreams come true, as it's the source of joy and happiness. Then, spread  your positive energy and best wishes on to your loved ones. 

Without gratitude, our minds tend to cling onto negativity that always lead to self-doubt. Resulting in a critical mind that constantly berates us with “i'm never good enough.”, “How do other people succeed so easily?”or “Perhaps I should just hide myself…”. These thoughts might have never been spoken and exposed verbally. In long term, negative mental-attitude can slowly erode our self-confidence and spirit. Eventually, when it becomes an ingrained habit, our anticipation to self-growth and our lives could be demolished.  

Self-love is the first step into learning gratitude.  When negative thoughts like “You are not good enough” emerges, take the time to think about whether it’s true or just the habit of negative self-reflection sneaking up on you.

When you are able to distinguish your subjective voice and the objective facts, try to practice gratitude on a daily basis on different matters. Mistakes shall always be forgiven, as they all mark a valuable experience in life. Even if the achievements are small, they are still work celebrating for the effort that's been put into them.

Gratitude has an unimaginable significance in our lives, it's the key to success and happiness. Take every challenge as a catalyst for self-growth.  When you see the beauty of gratitude, nothing can bring you down.

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